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Keeping your WordPress website safe and secure!

One of the great things about WordPress is that it is community supported. There is a group of people who write new modules because they need them for their websites, then share them with others on the site. Some are enhanced and released as new plugins, others add a professional upgrade. Needless to say, while a plugin is maintained by the author, it usually is very safe and open to enhancements by the author.

Some plugins fall out of service, where the author tires of maintaining it or has moved on to bigger, better versions. Unfortunately that really isn’t the downfall of most hacked servers. WordPress is used by millions of websites, in fact in early 2014 it was estimated that 74.6 million sites use WordPress, over 50% self hosted. That means they have downloaded WordPress and loaded it onto a hosting server. That’s pretty impressive.

Occasionally you will hear of a massive attack on WordPress sites, similar to the December 2014 attack named SoakSoak. It attacked a slider that was found in early 2014 to have an exploitable bug in it. Over 100K websites were hacked in December, even though the actual bug was corrected in a February release. So, what happened? Website owners did not update the plugin and malware made it onto their websites. Google has marked those sites as dangerous and now those sites must be cleaned or rebuilt and scanned as clean before their web traffic can resume.

Stay updated, stay safe!

VS Productions works with WordPress every day, and we stay up on the core updates and any plugins that have been found to be exploitable. We offer a service that keeps your website up to date and secure. Hackers still knock on the door, but if your doors are new and locked they simply move on to the next site whose doors are unlocked. It’s as simple as that!

So, how much downtime can you afford? Do you want to take time every week to review any updates that need to occur? And if there are problems with the update, are you prepared and skillful enough to fix it? We are! VS Productions wants to be your security partner! Our prices are very reasonable and are much less than a single site repair.

Stay focused on what you do best, run your business! Partner with us to keep your website in tip top shape!

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WordPress Maintenance & Security

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