Don Sceifers Web GuruDon Sceifers wears a few hats. He is our Web Developer and principal Social Media Community Manager. He loves to build solutions that not only serve our customers, but set them above their competition. He is adept at digging down into a client’s business enough to understand their passion and tries to reflect that in everything VS Productions does for them. Customer happiness is definitely job #1!

Don has been a programmer for 30+ years. His breadth and depth of knowledge have allowed him to work as architect, developer and project manager for businesses that vary from mom & pop shops, to Fortune 100 companies. He has a love of problem solving and works to make each website the best it can be to serve the needs of the customer.

Because of his 10+ years of consulting, Don has also picked up a lot about how business works. He can show your business how to focus your efforts on the task at hand to achieve optimal results!