Even a Great Coach needs a Great Partner!

A great coach uses all channels to reach clients! Some resources are paid, some are free. All of them are an investment into your future business! Not surprisingly, most coaches we know spend time writing to create value but waste valuable time figuring out how to disseminate it.

Whether you are currently using social media, email marketing, membership website content and private groups to deliver your wisdom or are considering these in 2015, VS Productions can help you stay focused on the things that bring you revenue instead of the things that bring you frustration! We will come alongside you and take the burden of distribution off your shoulders. We’ll help you to keep your message clear and consistent, while allowing you more time to work with clients!

Not only can we manage your website, social media and email newsletter needs, we can help you expand into new, more efficient channels to reach both existing and potential new clients! Here are some of the tasks we can help with

  • manage your website and regular postings
  • image management
  • email list management
  • publishing your newsletter
  • social media community management
    • – make sure posts go out on time
    • – manage & foster community engagement
  • manage your podcasts
  • branding (analysis) consistency
  • build or manage web membership site
    • – manage private facebook or linkedin groups

Give us a call (513) 360-8776 to find out how we can help you get back the time you need to make 2015 a banner year!