As the social media world grows and social media marketing evolves, the marketing industry has changed. Traditional marketing was television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. These are all “PUSH” mediums. The marketing/advertising message is “pushed” to the consumer by the brand. In social media, there has been a shift, almost a total reversal of this process. What is working now is “PULL”. The marketing material is posted–to a website or social media site–and the consumer comes to the source and views the information. They “pull” the message to them.

This is a much more effective style of advertising because the consumer themselves has actually said, “I’d like to see that ad.” When that ad has been given permission to be let in, it is no longer considered a distraction or interruption; chances are greater then that viewer will purchase. This means a much more effective result from your target demographic.

VS Productions can show you how to integrate video alongside your social media messaging in a way that doesn’t push your message, but lets users pull it to them. Social media is hard for many to understand because it isn’t a push medium as most other advertising methods are. We will help you to market in today’s economy.

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