Google is best known for search engines. They are number 1 & 2, and have shaped the internet over the last decade. Now Google has introduced their own social network, google plus. Originally created for personal use, plus brought some new concepts and a new take on some old concepts. Soon after, Google has introduced Business Pages. The Business Page represents your business and engages potential customers in a new way when used properly.

Search Benefits

By having a Business Page and posting relevant content, you can actually improve the results of your website content. Allowing visitors to +1 your website content and the posts you make on plus, not only foster engagement but allow that content to be strongly represented in Google search engine results. Users who follow your Business Page can receive personalized results that will feature your photos and content related to their search term.

Strong Business Features

Circles: The circle is the metaphor Google uses to represent groups of users in a category that means something to you (usually in a marketing sense). Users can be in multiple circles. It is a very powerful way to groups with similar interests, which can be advantageous when connecting via messaging and event invitations.

Hangouts: A Google Hangout is a video conferencing tool for up to 10 users (that number is expected to expand). If someone does not have video they can still be connected via audio. Recent updates allow you to broadcast your Hangout on your Youtube Channel, where others can join in listen-only mode.

You can also embed a Google Hangout directly on your website. What this means is that from your website you can now make presentations or hold webinars and have instantaneous feedback. It’s a great way to connect with your users and potential customers while keeping them on your website. Can you imagine how powerful it would be to invite your most valuable customers to a special chat with the President to talk about future developments? Or perhaps you want to build focus groups without paying an agency to set them up. Now you can do just that and get immediate feedback.

To get on top of the possibilities, VS Production is ready to help you set up an awesome business presence and help you to establish good processes to grow your community and create unique ways to connect with your customers. Give us a call today to move forward!

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