No one likes to be sold, but they love to buy. Using video is the best way to do that. But you must be strategic about it. Just posting a video to your website or Facebook page won’t cut it. There’s no “if you post it, they will come” at work here. Just as you wouldn’t build a house without professionally designed architectural plans, neither should you post videos online haphazardly without some plan for measuring the results.

It Starts With You

Marketing is about being where your customers are and setting yourself apart from your competition. The first step in helping you market effectively using video is for you to determine your unique value proposition. What makes you special? For some it is the unique products they have, others have incredible customer service, still others might have a wide range of technical knowledge that benefits their customers. Video is the most effective way to share that value with the world. Video alone is not going to replace your current marketing efforts, but it will certainly enhance them. The emotion of video brings people into the experience, helping them make a connection to that brand. They can relate to you and your company philosophy and want to support it.

Do it With Purpose

Alongside the decision to use video in your online marketing plan is the commitment to creating a video marketing strategy to get the most for your efforts. Some of those decisions are what type of video do you want to post? What value are you giving in this video? Is it information your customers want? Or is it information you want your customers to have? These decisions go beyond the specific video content. For instance, what do you want to happen once people come to your site? Are you offering discounts or specials? What call to action are you looking for??This strategy also involves time. You have to give your marketing efforts time to spread in order to be most effective.

Video is one of the fastest-growing marketing tools available today. But you still need to know how to use it right. And there’s more to “video marketing” than just putting a video on Youtube. For one thing, Youtube is not the only video hosting site out there that could be appropriate for you. We evaluate and recommend the best ones for you.

Let’s Get Started

VSP can formulate a plan for marketing your business online with a strong emphasis on video. Customers love to tell others about you and video makes it so much easier for them to do that. People looking for your product or service can now find it in the search engines because Google is now valuing video highly in search results.