vsp Holiday Savings

Continue the Holiday Spirit with special savings through Valentines Day!

Are you marketing with social media? Do you see social media as lost time? So many do, but realize it is critical to relationship selling in 2015! Are you on the right platforms to attract your target audience? Do you have a social strategy? Are you posting with enough regularity to create a following? Are you too pooped to Pinterest?

The good news is VS Productions can be your voice in all of the right channels that matter to your business! We can manage your communities and you can manage your business! We are offering this trial for 3 months. Your discount depends on when you sign up! We bill you monthly and when you decide to continue, the fourth month will be at regular pricing!

It’s a great way to establish a strong community and encourage your raving fans to spread the word about you! You can call or sign up for the first month below. (513) 360-8776

Current discount is at 10%

Social Media Community Management

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