It was that wonderful time of the month–eWomenNetwork Dinner!! Yes, I said dinner. We usually have a luncheon first in the month, but this time was dinner. And a very nice dinner it was. Actually, dinner is the secondary aspect of the meeting, first is networking, which there was lots of during the evening.

eWomenNetwork is a national networking business group and this is the Cincinnati chapter. Cincinnati has two groups that meet–a luncheon, and a dinner. There is also a Columbus luncheon group, and, starting soon, there will be a Dayton luncheon. There are usually roadtrip events to Columbus, and I assume there will be to Dayton as well, that are as much fun AND as much value as attending the meeting itself is. As a member of eWomen you are encouraged to attend these meetings as often as you are able. We are actually one of the few chapters that has more than one meeting. We’ve highly encourage you to attend as many as you can.

Of course, the value is in the actual meeting of other business women, a definite rich source of business abundance as well as friendship. If you’d like to attend a luncheon or dinner anytime, please feel free to contact me.

Here are some pics from our latest dinner at Ivy Hills Country Club.

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