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Put a face on your business

Many businesses today don’t have an online presence, or the one they have doesn’t really reflect who they are. Is that your business? Customers search the web because they are on the go and want answers now. If they find you, will your message get across?

Statistics show you have 7-10 seconds to grab their attention and express your message.

Don’t limit yourself

Should you have a website, or a facebook page? Does it make sense for me to have a LinkedIn page for my business? Should I use video for my business, or is email the best way to reach and retain my customers-to-be?

Well, the best approach is to do whatever makes sense for your business.

  • A website is the only real place you have control of your message, so we always suggest having a strong web presence.
  • Facebook is great for B2C businesses that want to engage with customers.
  • LinkedIn pages help businesses find you and have a good feel for you and your services before you engage with them.

Above all, it should be consistent across all platforms, including your printed materials. Your brand is very important to sustaining and growing your business.

Make a smart decision

VS Productions is a 360° marketing company. That means we help you do all things digital. Whether you need a new or revitalized website, or you are ready to add video or email marketing to reach new customers, we are there for you. We can even manage your growing social media communities so you can spend time doing what you do best, run your business!