Every piece of marketing material that leaves your office, and has your name on it, reflects on your business. Just as you would never allow typos or smudges on a business letter, neither should you allow poor quality video be attached to your good name. Your credibility depends on it.

That’s why you need a professional. Production values need to be high in order to look professional and not like the kid down the street did it. That’s why VSP is here. Our business is video; so we’re already up to speed to put video to work for you.

We are a Mac-based platform for professional video services. We use industry-standard Apple Final Cut Pro Studio’s suite of video editing, audio editing, motion graphics, and dvd menuing software. Graphic design is done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. We can also call in other professionals as needed.

There’s no doubt the web is moving mobile, so we have made it a priority to optimize the videos we produce to be HTML5 ready and available in both MP4 and WebM formats to ensure the best mobile accessibility and cross-browser compatibility possible.

Besides scripted, fully planned video, we can also provide live video and streaming services. Recording live events captures the festivities and highlights, and can even become a special tribute to the people involved. Lowering costs is important for every business, more so now than ever before. If you have meetings that you typically need to travel to, live streaming may be a viable, cost-saving alternative. Broadcasting the meeting online and having others attend virtually is a great way to reduce not only travel costs, but people’s time.

VS Productions is a full service, award winning video production company. We focus on small business because we believe that small business drives America’s economy! We can show you how to integrate professional video into your website and marketing plan.

Award from Ohio House of Representatives

Award from Ohio Senate

Award from Ohio Governor Kasich