Do you get bored with statistics? I usually am, but over the last few years, as I research different aspects of video, I’m finding these statistics not only interesting, flaberghasting (is that a word?), and overall, the perfect confirmation of my video marketing strategy.

So just in case you are bored with statistics, I thought I’d take a moment to explain a few to you and show you how they really can impact your business. All these stats were taken from MagnetVideo.

As posted in a KISSmetrics blog, viewers of a product video are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Product videos are an incredibly powerful-yet-simple video to produce. Zappo’s regularly sees an 8-30% average increase in the sales of their items that have videos. What would an extra 30% increase in sales do for your bottom line? Is it worth some time and effort to create product videos if it meant higher sales? These videos don’t have to be complex. Keep them very simple. Just have an employee talk about and show the product for about 30 seconds. You do still need to pay attention to production values — lighting, audio, setting — but the ROI makes it a no-brainer.

Companies utilizing multiple screens–online video, mobile, and connected TV–had a 9x increase in brand recall, according to REELSEO

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Mobile means you can now be wherever your customer is. You don’t have to wait till they get home and are surfing the web. You don’t have to wait till they get into the office and open their email. You can reach them wherever they are because they are always carrying a video player with them. But by taking advantage of all these access points, you are staying TOP OF MIND, increasing the odds that you will be remembered when purchase time comes. Be sure your marketing collateral, website, and videos are mobile friendly, for both phones and tablets.

People were over 2x more likely to visit a site upon seeing a video than control subjects who had not watched the video in a comScore study, reported wooshi

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Having trouble getting traffic to your website? This stat sounds like video is the answer. Use video to drive traffic to your website. Place the video on other sites where your customers go. Of course, you’ve done thorough research on the interests of your customers, right? So you know what their other likes and dislikes, habits, and interests are. So that’s where you put your video.

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I hope I’ve sparked a little more interest in statistics. If you look just a little deeper, and think about what those numbers actually mean, you might find some marketing tips that can help you increase sales, drive traffic, or justify expenses.

2 Thoughts to “Statistics are Boring, Part 1”

  1. Vickie, this is a great post! Thanks for your clear, organized style, and for writing about something that is so timely for me. I have some testimonials on video that need a little editing and to be uploaded. Simple, but I must create the time to do that. Also to make promo videos. Thanks for the reminders and inspiration!

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Kebba, thanks for commenting. Yes! Get those testimonials done. They aren’t doing you any good in your computer! (said in love!) Now that you’ve said that out loud…

      Make a task in your calendar to get that done, just like an appointment. I’m trying that for some of my follow up calls I can never seem to get around to doing. At least it’s a constant irritation to see it undone every day and I eventually do it!


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