Professional speakers need
professional video!

Don’t let your valuable content
be gone forever
just because you’re speaking it!!

You’ve spent hours preparing…researching, writing the outline, refining it, creating slides, rehearsing. Then the big day arrives. You are prepared and you know it. Your presentation goes off without a hitch. The audience loved it. Afterwards, throngs of people wait to meet you and tell you how inspiring/motivating/brilliant you were. How you showed them a new perspective; how you gave them food for thought. Some even said you had so many good points, it was going to take them days to think about what you’ve said and absorb it. Or they were sorry the event ended; they wanted more. You go home exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

In the coming days you get comments on how awesome your presentation was. Even months later you’re still geting the occasional compliment. But deep down inside you wonder how much of a difference you really made. People said they were moved, but how many remember a word you said after the event? Did they really “unpack” it and think about it? How many really made a change in their life, or how they looked at life, because of your presentation? If only you could do a refresher. Or even expand on the topic and go deeper.

If you had recorded your presentation, you could.

With a video recording, not only is your presentation now available to people who could not make it that day, but you also have a resource that is the base for many other income-producing resources you can create.

  • Capture your expertise
  • Create a resource for your clients
  • Showcase your skills (get more gigs)
  • Keynote Address

    Public speaking at its finest. There is a certain level of credibility achieved if you’ve been asked to keynote. That means people want to hear what you have to say. So you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not recording your message. First of all, especially if you are new to the speaking world, you need to have a way to highlight your abilities in order to get more speaking gigs. Secondly, after your live address, release the video a month later to your email list; or to your member community. You could even edit the footage into smaller clips and use them as teasers for your next speaking engagement.

  • Workshops/Seminars/Lunch-n-Learns

    The learning doesn’t have to stop outside the classroom. By videotaping your training, you now have a resource that can help you build your brand and grow your business. Converted into multiple types of media, you can monetize. You can make the material available to people who weren’t able to attend the session live (this method can even be planned in advance where the recordings are available for pre-order). Turn your session into an online video training class. Adapt sections as blog posts. Create a e-books. Use it for membership content. The possibilities are endless.

  • Conference Talk

    Again, with your presentation recorded, you can monetize it through multiple forms of digital products. This can create residual income. It also serves as a testimonial of sorts to your skills and credibility.

  • Presentations

    It would be a shame if you gave a great presentation, but the video didn’t turn out so well: the camera keeps going back and forth between you and your slides on the screen behind you; at the same time it goes dark and light; or perhaps the video zooms in and out; or, as you walk on stage while you’re speaking, the camera just seems to be rushing to catch up. All these issues can be resolved by focusing on what’s important at the moment. You. Put the slides in the video in post production. It’s much easier, more accurate, and just plain less jarring that way.

  • Workshop Panels

    The value of a presentation can be magnified when it in the form of a panel. Each additional individual brings a unique set of experiences and wisdom to the event and to be able to capture that knowledge in video creates a priceless resource that can never be repeated or replaced.

  • Audio Recordings

    Depending on the venue, sometimes recording video can be more difficult than is reasonable to expect. In that case, even if you are only able to capture the audio, you still have a wonderful resource. Unless there is an action of some type going on, most of the time audio is the primary source of the valuable information. Afterward, if you still desire a video, you can add slides created in Powerpoint or Keynote to the audio and make a fully complete video. Likewise, you can separate the audio from the video and make a podcast, which is a popular and convenient form of listening and learning.

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