Video marketing is a sort of Jack-of-all-Trades. There are so many benefits, functions and advantages to video that to not use video to market your business can seriously effect your bottom line. You may be familiar with more common forms of video, like testimonials, promotions and training; but video can do so much more.
Another major benefit to video marketing is by allowing you to capitalize on your greatest assets – you and your staff. We’ve all heard the axiom, “People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Well, how do you expect that to happen? Do you just sit back and wait? With video, you have the perfect vehicle to show people that you and your staff are someone they can know, like and trust.

Be Different

Business videos don’t have to be the typical boring, talking heads that just keep rambling. Make videos that are personable. Think of it as “putting a face to the business”. As the business owner (or manager), create videos that show you as a regular person. Authenticity is what potential customers connect with. If they feel you are like them, then they feel they can trust you. Posting videos of your staff works the same way. This can be especially effective if you have long term staff that people already connect with.

Any staff that specializes in specific areas of service can be make a great connection to a potential customer who needs that product. If you have a shoe department, and you have a salesperson that obviously loves shoes, let them be the “spokesperson” for your shoe department, showing the new shoes that just came in, or the specials going on right now. Perhaps match up departments, like someone from a clothing department and show the perfect outfit for those shoes. Although this idea might be old, put your own creative take on it. Keep a simple and short style. Don’t make it more work than necessary, and you will be excited to make more, instead of dreading a lot of work. It will be the consistent posting that will start to build your audience.

Be Real

People connect because of their needs. Even staff videos with a personal message can connect to people through common interests not directly related to the business. If you have an employee with a fun hobby, letting them write about their personal interest can be another way to connect with potential clients.

You can do as many videos as you have staff or products and services. Start with your most popular product or staff person and create a short video highlighting them, either separately or together. Make a plan to create a similar video each week. By being consistent in your marketing efforts, you are establishing yourself as a valuable resource.

Feedback Loop

By engaging your employees in this marketing plan, you are inviting them to “invest” in you, too. Treat them well. Show your appreciation that they are helping you out. Happy employees will sell more than surly ones.

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  1. Great tips on videos! I have just made a few and need to get brave and try some different approaches. – Maggie

  2. I used to work for a company whose product was an eCommerce video player. I saw some really bad videos…. They definitely could use your video tips! Dropping by from UBC.

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