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Social Media Platform Setup

LinkedIn Company Page Setup

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LinkedIn Showcase Pages

A new feature from LinkedIn allows companies to highlight brands while remaining attached to the main company identity. The showcase pages are to segment identity and status updates which allow followers to track a specific brand, even if there are other products that they do not care about. This should target the messaging more precisely and increase the likelyhood that a person would follow the status updates of a brand (over a company).

Price: $75 each

facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages allow a company to highlight their brand in a thriving B2C environment. We can set up the entire page, along with About section and Business Hours. We will work with the client to obtain and post a cover image to represent the brand effectively.

Price: $99 each

facebook Marketing Page

Facebook Marketing Pages show as tabs in the current interface. They are used to highlight campaigns, create interactive B2C touch points and collect information for email lists or sales funnel operations.

Price: $149 each

google+ Business Page

Google Plus is now heavily integrated into the google search engine and can help businesses rank a little better. It also reaches out to a different consumer segment, people who have for one reason or another abandoned facebook or at least spend more time in the google plus environment.

Price: $99 each

Twitter Brand Page

Twitter can be a great place for businesses that have an immediacy when communicating with clients and potential clients. Perhaps a restaurant is getting close to an expiration on broccoli and decides to create a large portion of cream of broccoli soup. Twitter is a great way to let followers know there’s a special running for lunch. Or perhaps you run a HR firm and would use Twitter to push out each job opening, to let your followers know to apply.

Price: $99 each