Do you want visitors to spend
more time on your site?

People who visit your website will stay two minutes longer if you have video on your site**. Two minutes is enough time for the visitor to get comfortable with your product or service and increases the likelyhood they will buy from you.

Would you like to increase your closing rate?

Well crafted video can increase conversion rates by 64% over sites that do not have video**.

Compel your visitors to buy!

Video is a unique medium. By combining the visual and auditory senses with emotion, a much more impactful message is experienced.

  • Video is inviting
  • People love video (just ask YouTube)
  • Video starts the relationship for you

What’s Involved?

VS Productions will help you analyze your business and your surrent marketing efforts. We will design a marketing plan that helps you get your message in front of your ideal customer. We will script and create 2 videos per month for three full months. We’ll show you how to track the responses and get analytics for what’s happening with your video. If you don’t have an account on YouTube, we will help you set it up and choose the proper keywords to get your video noticed. We’ll help you integrate the videos on your website and facebook page when appropriate!

Our package includes:

  • 3 Month Strategy
  • Design marketing plan
  • 6 videos – 2/month
  • Create channels
  • Setup processes
  • Reporting/Analytics

all for just $850

How do I get started?

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Local businesses are starting to use video,
so don’t be left behind!

** 2010 Comscore study.