This is one of my most FAVORITE parts about video. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, doing the “60-second networking” thing gets tired after a while. There’s more to my business than 60 seconds can contain. And there’s a lot of education involved before most people realize the value of what I do. Or even realize it’s something they need. They think it’s too expensive. They believe it’s too technical. Or they don’t want to be onscreen. All misconceptions about video. Or at the very least, excuses. So I use video on my blog to educate people. Along with the actual content of the video is the video itself being an example of marketing with video. Then, at those 60-second sessions, I can say a few words, and just point people to the blog where they will learn more.

By having a blog and harnessing the power of video, you can demonstrate, share, and explain what you do and how you can put it to work for others. Posting videos that demonstrate industry-specific tasks or processes shows your working knowledge in that area. Sharing uses for your product or service that may not be general knowledge (like tips and tricks) helps put a face to the business. Explaining complex procedures, customer service issues, or company news keeps people thinking about you and, hopefully, think of you next time they need whatever it is you have. All of which builds up your credibility. People buy from people. And the video element is where that connection starts.

So whether you are an entrepreneur, building or starting a business, or looking for a job, establishing yourself as an expert can be one of the simplest yet most powerful things you can do to affect your future.