Working with clients, we’ve discovered they want to do video, but they just don’t know where to get started. So we’ve put together a list of types videos that get results.

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This video type is NOT a “welcome to my website”? video. It is a “Welcome to my Business”? video. It is a basic introduction of you and your products or services, what problems you solve, your solutions, and what makes you different. Ideal length is no more than 90 seconds, preferably under a minute.


People aren’t as impressed with what you have to say about your company as they are about what others say. It is much more powerful to hear how a customer uses your product or service to solve their problem. Ask your biggest raving fan if they would record a testimonial for you. Nothing is more powerful than a happy customer!


Special events, sales, holidays…you get the idea. In small business, events drive visitors. Part of the problem is getting the word out and building the buzz that will bring those visitors. Larger companies can use tv commercials; but small businesses can use video on the web to spread the same quality promotional video at a fraction of the cost.


Training can be one of the biggest line items in any company’s budget. It starts with orientation for new employees, then continuing education for the staff, and now expands to include your customers as well. But that’s where you can make the biggest impact.

A video library of policies and procedures for employees can help ensure everyone in the company knows and understands company policy. A video library of frequently asked questions (FAQs) can enhance productivity by allowing personnel to point people to the reference video instead of stopping their work to address the issue. Continuing education saved to video can significantly decrease costs by avoiding travel.

Product Demo

Do you want to help your sales staff sell more? Then you need to consider video because it evokes the same level of emotion every time. It’s as if you have your best salesperson sitting in front of your prospect. Do you want more consistency about the way your product is demo’d? A video is a great way to get a consistent and concise message from your whole team.

Employee Highlight

Talk about employee motivation! Now instead of a simple “Employee of the Month” plaque on the wall in the office, create a video and post it on your website. That employee now feels uber-special. As an added bonus, to potential customers you’ve now put a face to your company; you’re becoming transparent. Now, the next time they call, they feel they know the person who answered the phone.


Education? can be kind of a catch-all category for many different types of video because, basically, all (or at least most) videos for business are of an educational nature, you’re educating your customers on how your product or service solves their problem. Direct how-to videos are a perfect example.

Community Service/PSA

Do you have a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Does your company have a culture of community service? Highlight some of the work your company does or create a PSA that serves the cause you care about, NOT yourself!

Video FAQ

Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again, day after day? Whether you’re having to do this for employees or for customers, this type of activity can seriously affect productivity. Here’s what you do. Make a list of your most common questions. Create a library of short videos that answer each of those questions and post them on your website or intranet. Then, next time you are asked that question, direct that person to the video. Eventually, people will get the message and just check for a video first. You can always add to this library or update the information as necessary.


Podcasting, typically audio only but can include video, is another medium to promote your business. With the ever-increasing growth of mobile devices, it can be easier than ever to reach your potential customer. Other similar applications would be streaming video from live events, called vidcasting, or eventcasting. Useful for internal as well as external purposes, these technologies can make your life easier and bring you to your goals quicker.

Real Estate

There are probably fewer industries where video can have an enormous impact than in the Real Estate industry, yet video is by far the least utilized marketing tool. By nature of the business, there is a never-ending, always fresh supply of content, yet many agents have yet to discover and accept the power that video has. Agents that do use video whenever possible are reaping the rewards.

Let’s Get Going!

Simply tell people who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Share your business with people, engage with them and by putting a face to the business, you will foster trust. And people like to do business with people they trust. Use video to build trust.

There are many more ways you can use video, both for marketing and internal purposes. If you’re not sure how you would use video, or If you would like to explore how to market your business with video, please give us a call.