So you know you should be using video on your website, but you just can’t seem to get over the part about seeing yourself onscreen. Toughen up, cupcake! just kidding, but I do have good news for you. The world of video is is still open to you and there are ways to use video without having to be onscreen.


This can be one of the funnest and creative ways to do video. The features and text effects offer you many options for engaging and interesting videos. Word of caution: don’t go nuts with the transitions and effects. For most uses, a dissolve between slides will suffice. Also, don’t make text fly in and out, especially on every slide. It is very distracting and you want people to remember your message, not your effects.

After you’ve finished your slides, write a script. Then record voiceover while you advance the slides. Depending in how your program works, if you make a mistake in the voiceover you may have to start again from the beginning. If this is the case For you, you might want to record the VO separately and add it to your sideshow as an audio vile. Export the whole thing as an .mov or .mp4, post to your website or Youtube and you’re done.


Use photos to tell a story. Add a little music and VOILA! You have a video. Your photos could be actual photographs you’ve taken with your camera; screengrabs from your computer or a website; or stock photos. Whatever you use, if you don’t own it, be sure you have permission to use it.


Take related pictures or video and weave them together to tell a story.


While demonstrating something on your computer, record your screen. This can be showing how to use a feature of your website, or how to do something in a particular software program. There are a couple of different ways you can do this as well. Similar to making your video in Powerpoint or Keynote, you can record your screen, then go back and record the voiceover to it. Or you can record voiceover at the same time as you are doing your demonstration.

In Conclusion

I would recommend putting your company logo, phone number and web address or email at the end of your video. Every video you do should have contact information leading back to you. You want your videos to be shared and you never know where it will end up and who will see it.

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