Here’s a great tip on how to conquer your fear of doing video. Don’t let your fear stop you from being successful, because if you’re not doing video, that’s what’s happening!!

6 Thoughts to “Conquering Your Fear of Video: Just too Scared”

  1. Hi Vickie,
    Nice comment about video helping to strengthen the bond between the viewer and me. What software did you use to get the overlay of the social media icons? I have created just a few videos, but don’t really know what to do to “jazz” them up!


    1. Vickie Sceifers

      I typically edit video in Final Cut Pro, but since this was a simple video, I did it in Screenflow. I just got the icons off the web, making sure the styles matched, and sized them. Screenflow transitions is a bit limited. I wanted a zoom in effect and there wasn’t one. So I just added a video action to go from 0 to the final size.

      I’m on a Mac platform. Are you Mac or pc?


  2. I really love your site. You give a lot of great ideas. This might just be another tool for me to connect with people far away

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Thank you so much, Trine!

      I’d like to know more about what you mean when you say “connect with people far away.” G+ Hangouts or Skype could be a good option for that depending on how many people at a time. Hmmm…that may be inspiration for me for another post!


  3. I wrote a post earlier this week on What I wish I knew before starting my passion parties business. It was all about fear and how low self esteem made for a difficult business. This post was definitely an asset to me.

  4. Chris Towndrow

    Thanks – there’s never enough material out there encouraging people to get in front of the camera. It’s one of the biggest hurdles to people doing video marketing.

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