Most people think LinkedIn is simply a place to look for jobs. Well, it started out that way, but recently the folks at LinkedIn realized their clients wanted to establish credibility for their companies so that potential customers could get information before doing business with them.

The LinkedIn Company Page is great place to establish the business relationships you will need as your company grows. It allows a company to share their corporate mission and vision, list their products or services, attach employee profiles and provide corporate contact information.

Companies can attach banner ads, provide a video or make offers to connect with users. They can post jobs and requirements and there is a built in recommendation engine to allow people to offer testimonials for you and your services.

VS Productions can assist you or work at your behest to create your company profile, establish your services and list the key benefits of working with your company. We have the ability to help you create an engaging video and have it attached to your profile. We can also manage your profile on an ongoing basis to keep it fresh and relevant.

If you are wondering how a LinkedIn company profile can help your business, our initial consultation is always free! Give us a call today to get started!

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