So what is important to Google in 2015? Obviously, content is still king, speed of your site is critical and now, being mobile friendly is high on the list.

Why is mobile friendly important

Google will be adding an indicator to its search results to indicate whether or not a site is mobile friendly! Google knows that mobile traffic is approaching 60% of all searches and those people want to see a site that is designed to look good on their mobile devices.


When using a mobile device, many users are tired of scrolling the page left to right to read the content they are searching for. Google has decided to make a better experience by indicating when a site will be optimized for their viewing.

How does Google know?

As you know, Google indexes the content of your pages, so detecting non-friendly scenarios was fairly straight forward for them. They detect non-mobile software, such as Flash, or fixed width screens that have to be scrolled left to right. They notice whether your font size will be readable on a mobile device. They even check your links to see if they are far enough apart that a big finger can easily choose the right one.

This statement on the Webmaster Central blog is quite telling.

We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

So, how do I test my site?

You can visit Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Page and type in your URL.


Once Google scans your page (this could take up to 2 minutes) they will offer an opinion as to the mobile friendliness of your site.


In this case, Microsoft will be glad to know they are!


So, go now and verify your mobile “Zen”ness and if you need some help getting in the mobile zone, give us a call!

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