We’ve noticed a lot of business owners don’t see the influence of video and don’t understand why they need it on their website. Let’s look at it logically, and see if it makes sense.

First, video is a great way to connect with a visitor. It combines text, audio, images and most importantly, emotion. The emotion of the on camera talent is often felt by those who watch the video. It connects at a fairly deep level. If you keep your video short and to the point, the visitor will watch the entire message. If they were to face a long page of text they might move on or best case skim the material. Your message won’t connect fully. Your passion for what you do isn’t relayed. If the visitor likes the video they found during the search they will stick around and look for more. This is engagement, which is the real reason you have a website.

Google and other search engines realize this behavior is common. That’s why they have chosen to list videos so high in the search results. The more people click on your link, the more Google believes you to be an authority for those search words (keywords). This is called click through rate and is now a very important part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

In fact, when Google presents a video in the search results, there is a 40% better chance that link will be clicked. So having a strategy that has fresh, new video content appearing on your website would be a good thing, right?

Let’s face it, the one thing we know from recent studies is that every minute a visitor spends on your website they get closer to becoming a customer. Well made video that gets to the point and delivers good content will keep them on your site and keep them coming back to look for more.

Once you have committed to video, make sure you promote them. Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn are common ways, but Pinterest is quickly becoming a great video sharing tool. And of course, YouTube is the number 2 search engine behind Google. If you choose to use YouTube, upload your video and embed it back to your website. Make sure you use good keywords so YouTube can find the video when someone is looking for a product or service you provide.

Let’s break through the fear and make 2013 an incredible year for you to reach new clients and let’s turn the business community on it’s ear!

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