LinkedIn, the business network, has been known for years as a great place to share our personal resumes and job histories. In the last few years, LinkedIn has become a powerful B2B platform that connects business. Recently it has logged over 200 million users a month. Webmarketing 123 has looked into how businesses are connecting via LinkedIn and found that over 40 percent of B2B organizations are generating leads off the network; almost 25 percent are making conversions using the platform.

LinkedIn is opening 2013 in a big way. They have added a paperclip to the Company update field. So now as you are making status updates, you can attach files such as photos, presentations and product spreadsheets. It could be a great way to get marketing material or research out to your connections for feedback or lead generation.

Time to shake things up

One of the newest and hottest marketing media is the infographic. Up to this point, there were few good ways to share infographics directly on the LinkedIn platform. Now you can share them with business connections. Slideshare presentations are another great way to drive conversations and they can also be shared.

Of course, you can use video and connect it directly to each product or service you define. Visual information speaks volumes and video brings audio and visual content together, conveying excitement and emotion in a way text or audio alone could never do.

It’s the start of the new year, so get out to your LinkedIn Company page and review your content. Make sure the information is up to date. Refresh any stale data and make sure your content is written to reflect the information decision makers need to make conversion easier.

Feedback Loop

If you don’t have a LinkedIn Company page, perhaps it’s time to consider setting one up; especially if your are a B2B business. If you haven’t done so because you don’t know how or where to start, we have a fitBusiness class coming up soon. fitBusiness: fit for LinkedIn is a hands-on walk through how Company pages work and ways to build relationships though them. Check out the schedule on our fitBusiness page.

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  1. i definitely feel linkedin has upgraded their user interactivity this last year. I like it a lot more now!

  2. I have a linkedin page although I don’t work for a company. I’m a writer and can connect to my peers this way as well as the other social networks.

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