Increase the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile by adding the power of video. Chances are you are on LinkedIn and realize the high value of this popular social network for making connections around the world. Beyond just the “find a job” function, LinkedIn is also valuable for finding and doing business. Unless you’ve been off the planet for the past couple of years, you also certainly understand the rising popularity of video, But did you know you can put video on your LinkedIn profile?

Now it is a little bit of work, as Grant Crowell from ReelSEO states in this article, and, unfortunately, it must be a video you have on Youtube; you can’t directly upload one from your computer, like WordPress does. I did have a little bit of trouble setting this up. For some reason the Google Presentations app wouldn’t install. LinkedIn kept saying I had too many apps installed and to remove one before installing another. However, after some deductive reasoning, I realized I had checked it to install on my LinkedIn Company Profile, and I haven’t set one up yet. Still, it was a very misleading error message. Uncheck to install that, and all is well.

But this is a means to get video on your profile. And the subsequent value is incalculable: establish yourself as an SMO by offering expert advice in your field; do a demo video on a tool or principle; record a State-of-the-Company address to inform about what’s new; promotional videos; and don’t forget about the ever powerful testimonial videos.

If you would like to explore what video could do for you, either on LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube or your website, contact me. I’d be glad to help.