Client Retention

Everyone in business will tell you it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. In some cases by a factor of 10X!

  • What are you doing to care for and nurture your customer base?
  • Are you engaging with them on a regular basis?
  • Are you aware of what they think of your product or service?
  • Do you know what they want or need next?

These questions can really only be answered by your customer base, but most businesses don’t reach out to their existing customers. Sure, if they drop by we’ll chat or if they get a flyer in the mail they might recall your great customer service, but how do you actively nurture them?

Keeping their attention

Today, there are several methods that work really well. It used to be very difficult to get customer feedback unless it was a complaint. We only heard from someone when something was wrong. Today, we have a built in feedback loop online. By creating engaging content on your website or on social media platforms like Twitter & facebook, you can reach out and address your customers on a regular basis. Now, the important thing to remember is they don’t want to be sold every day. They will however consume helpful or funny, engaging content and give feedback. Perhaps you are considering a new service or you have to raise prices due to increased raw materials. Sharing the ideas for new products with those who already love your current ones can give immediate reaction and can help steer your design process. If you share about your industry and the costs rising on product ingredients, customers won’t feel shell shocked when you finally have to raise prices.

In addition, your best fans want to hear happy stories or perhaps how you are engaging your community through charity. You can gauge interest and adjust your content based on how people connect and share it.

How can I win them over?

In addition to social media, email marketing is a great way to reach those who love your products and services. Make them feel special by giving them insight into your business and what drives you. We all buy from people we trust and people trust people who open up to them. Don’t be afraid to be transparent and your clients will be open with you.

In today’s world, it’s too easy not to know who buys from you and why! If you are too busy building your business, VS Productions can help represent you online. We can write content that shares your values and encourages engagement. For a price much lower than hiring an employee, we will partner with you to bring your message to the people you want to serve. What price are you paying to run your business but ignore your customer base?