One of the most powerful effects of social media is the ability of a few leaders to bring about a swarm of activity by talking about how much fun they are having and drawing friends into the activity. Facebook was started on college campuses and eventually grew into a worldwide social network. Why did facebook reach over 1 billion people? Because people like to share what they are doing with others and others like to come alongside them.

It is that relationship of friends relating to friends that drives location based social media. Platforms like facebook, foursquare, gowalla and yelp all have a check in component that allow friends to track where they are. They build buzz and business has learned to take advantage of that. Foursquare is best known for building buzz by making location check in a game of sorts. It drives the competitive spirit of others to try to unseat the mayor of a location. The mayor is simply the participant who has garnered the highest points for that location. There are badges created constantly that help keep the game going.

What does that mean for my business?

Businesses that participate in this location based engagement model have a unique opportunity. The platforms have different ways of making offers to smart phone users that are near their establishment. The idea is to capture the attention of a smart phone user while he or she is looking for something to do. Offers of free food or a drink discount will often make the choice between 2 restaurants an easy one. The platforms make it simple for customers to share their insights into the best food or the tastiest beer. It’s a built in customer testimonial machine.

There are many platforms and you don’t have to fully participate in all of them, but there are probably a few that would fit your business and would be of great benefit to build your customer base. These platforms are driving business to your customers, so doesn’t it make sense to explore them for your business? We will be releasing an ebook to explain these platforms soon, but for now give us a call to sit down and discuss how these social media networks can change your business forever!

4 Thoughts to “Using Location Based Social Media Marketing for Your Business”

  1. I never knew there were so many social media sites like foursquare, gowalla and yelp! I learned something new today. Wish you the very best for 2013. Dropping by from UBC.

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Suzy, I know what you mean. There are hundreds and hundreds of social media sites. Waaaay too many to even be on. I just focus on the ones that are where my clients are and where my clients? clients are. It?s counterproductive to be spread too thin. Not to mention not enough hours in the day!


  2. Amy

    Great appreciation from an SM junkie!! Also hit the link from UBC!

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Thanks for dropping by Amy. What social networks do you like? Besides the Fab 4!

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