You know you need to be using video for your business, but you’re not really sure how. You can’t even think of what you would do a video about. You just know it’s all the rage.

Well, there are the typical videos that can work for everyone–promotional, testimonial or demonstration. Start there. Oldies but goodies. Tried and true. The hardest part about getting started is to just start. Find your most raving fan and ask them to say some kind words about you on video. It doesn’t even have to be very long, 30 seconds to a minute. Testimonial videos are powerful because they are the ultimate “friend referral.”

But what’s beyond that? Are there other ways to use video in my business besides selling?

Yes, there most definitely are. There are magnificent ways to use video in your business besides creating a sales video. For instance, if you have an offsite staff, especially if they are across the state or even country, then staff meetings can be a problem. Google+ Hangouts could be the answer. Hangouts has some limitations, such as only 10 people can meet at a time, but it also has some great additional features, such as its integration with…(guess what?)…Youtube!

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Sometimes coming up with ways you can use video for your business can be a struggle. It’s difficult just keeping your head above water running your business. So we’ve come up with some creative ways certain businesses or occupations can utilize video. Your specific business may not be listed here, but it is our hope that you gain inspiration from all the other entries.

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