While it may seem a bit early to start thinking about the new year already, the beginning of November is actually the perfect time to start getting ready for that new year. And knowing that most marketing efforts take about 60-90 days to start showing results, starting now will put us just into the new year.

So we’re inviting you to join us for GrowVember! Starting today we’ll be examining and evaluating all our marketing materials and see what works and what doesn’t. Fine tune, hone, and streamline. Double our efforts on what works; get rid of the chaff. Get lean and mean. Well, you get the idea. During GrowVember we’ll be dissecting 4 main areas of your online marketing: your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Each week will be a deeper look under the hood and make sure things are running smoothly. We’ll also throw in additional tools such as video and photography that enhance those platforms.

We’re starting this first week focusing on your website. Your website is the home base for everything you do online. It is the best and truest representation of you. Your website is where you should really build your community. All your videos; all your social media posts; even your handouts should lead people back to your website. Don’t get me wrong. You need to be in all those places–hey, you have to get found somehow– but you don’t have total control over how you’re represented in those places. Your website is the only place you have full control. If your favorite platform disappeared tomorrow, if you have your website, it’s merely a bump in the road instead of a dead end!

[TIP: When posting links on social media, don’t make them to your home page or just anywhere on your website. Don’t make your guest wonder why they were brought to that page. Bring them back to a specific page related to the original link. They clicked on the link because they wanted more information about what that link said. Don’t make them regret the click.]

You also want to make sure your website is representing you in the best way possible: proper grammar, no typos, and consistent design. On the techy side there’s SEO, tagging, keywords and analytics to worry about; not to mention sitemaps. We’ll take a look at all those details as well and make sure your website is healthy and working FOR you to the best of its ability!

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