As I’m crusin’ the web and surfin’ the net, I read lots of blog posts. If I really like the post, I’ll also read the comments. The comments are often just as informative or entertaining or practical as the post itself is. It can also be a good way to find other people to follow, either through blogs or social media. So one thing I always look at is, first of all the name of the commenter, and secondarily, their thumbnail image. I’m always disappointed when there isn’t a real photo. I want to not only know what the person looks like in a general sense, but I want to see what the person who made the comment I really resonated with looks like.

It’s such an easy issue to solve. There’s a free program called Gravatar that hosts your image. Then when you log in to comment on a blog (most blogs require you to sign in to be able to leave a comment), it automatically puts in your photo. Easy to setup. Easy to edit. Invisible to use.

Something important to consider if you aren’t using a profile image or Gravatar when you comment on blogs: the whole reason you’re online is to get found. If you have a blog, you want to get found. If you’re on social media, you want to get found. If you have a website, you want to get found. So why then, when I find you, don’t you let me know what you look like? If you want to make connections with people or build a community or tribe, you have to show yourself. Being authentic, as they say, means showing yourself. I’ve connected with your words (from a comment), but if you want to connect further (and if you don’t, why are you online?), then show me who you really are.

Who would YOU rather be friends with?

Here’s who I really am. Who are you?

6 Thoughts to “Who Are You? [insert CSI theme music here]”

  1. Such a valuable tip Vickie. It is so easy to do and really helps get you noticed! After all, branding is about creating a consistent voice and message (and face:)
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Yes, there are so many elements to branding, besides “the logo”, that I believe most people don’t even think about. A proper Gravatar-type image is one of them. The quality of videos, i.e. audio and lighting, is another big one that can hurt a brand.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Great post. I agree with you wholeheartedly. In the beginning I did not know how to get my photo out there. Then I discovered Gravatar. What a wonderful day that was. The next step is to improve my photo, which I will do this month.

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Thanks for commenting, Retha. My photo is just a snapshot, basically. My husband, who’s an amateur-but-good photographer, and I just went to the park one day and took a bunch of pics. I’m hoping to do a reshoot this summer.

  3. I agree Vickie. Being authentic helps build relationships, and photo helps you get connected on a “real” level. Social networking is about relationships, old and new Great post!

    1. Vickie Sceifers

      Uh oh, Linda!

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