LinkedIn, undoubtedly the more “professional” of the social networks, is not about to be left behind by the others when it comes to profile pages for businesses. LinkedIn Company Pages is a great way to establish a presence, showcase your business, and make important connections. After creating your page, you promote it, getting others to “LIKE” your page (sound familiar?). However, based on Facebook’s current method of treating businesses, I think LinkedIn could easily trump Facebook’s popularity and even functionality, when it comes to successfully connecting companies and consumers.

Unique features to Company Pages

  • List specific products and services and allowing recommendations from happy customers to particular ones.
  • Add video to each of these products.
  • Connect to employees within the company, just like prospects.

One advantage to having a company presence on LinkedIn is that you can easily find others. Searching in LinkedIn lets you use demographic information to help you find the right vendors and clients to serve your target market.

Another important advantage is community building. Unlike “that other site”, once you’ve made a connection, you stay connected. Updates are seen by all your fans, helping you stay top of mind, engage directly with your raving fans, and continue to deepen that relationship.

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