It is now more important than ever before to drive your connections on Facebook to your website. Facebook is making more changes to their EdgeRank algorithm. As you may or may not be aware, for business pages, even if you’ve worked hard to market your business on Facebook and gained a lot of fans, not all of your posts are seen by all of your fans.

Are You Reaching Everyone You Think You Are?

First of all, certain types of posts are only seen by a small percentage of fans, which could be as low as 10%. However, they are about to change that and it is going to get worse. Soon, even fewer people will see your business page’s posts. Organic placement into fans’ streams is becoming less likely. In other words, fewer fans are going to see your posts.

There is a difference for text updates versus a photo or video post, but Facebook is working more towards a pay model where you pay a fee for more OF YOUR FANS to see your posts.

Keep that Connection

That being said, Facebook is great for making connections and interacting, but it is now critical to drive that traffic to your website. Of course your efforts on Facebook should have been to do that anyway, but now you need to ramp it up. On Facebook, you have no control over what they do to your community there. You have no control over that traffic and how much access you get to that audience.

By driving your audience back to your website, you start to regain some of that control. Then, the best way to stay connected is through email lists. Using email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your target market.

Bring Them Home

That’s the whole purpose of online marketing, isn’t it? To reach your target market? So don’t build a marketing empire on shifting sand, which also makes it difficult to strategize, but instead build your own firm foundation.

Answer Me This…

Are you building a firm foundation? Are you solely depending on Facebook marketing or do you practice diversity in your online marketing? How are you ensuring that you can always reach your prospects?

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